The Shore Leave Caters

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This is a sample of our catering menu options, based on a 35 person attendance. You will not leave hungry. Flavours are a worldly variety with as much of our protein and produce sourced from Ontario. All of our preserves, pickles and smoking are done in house. We serve globally inspired pintxos and family style main platters.


Cold Kitchen

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Cold kitchen

Comes with house pickles, relish, mustard and baguette. Includes everything below.

Hot smoked trout board
Devilled eggs, toasted seed and nori dukkah

Ontario Pork board
Pâté, dry aged leg, cured pork loin, coppa di testa

Ontario Vegetables
Roasted garlic, olive oil, anchovy, toasted almonds

Oyster Barrel (optional)
150 east coast oysters, selection of hot sauce, mignonette, and horseradish.


Hot Kitchen

Hot kitchen

Comes with two sides. One being suggested starch option and the other a vegan option that the host gets to choose. We have provided suggestions, but feel free to pick what you like. Choose one option.

Beer brined chicken, Vietnamese slaw, vermicelli, sesame bbq sauce, fried shallots
Chicken is brined for 48 hours in Wellington Arkell Best Bitter English Ale. It is then roasted and basted in sesame bbq sauce. We finish the chicken with pickled carrots, fried shallots, and cilantro. This dish comes with vermicelli noodles as the starch and is paired with a Vietnamese slaw. We suggest our charred gourds as the vegan option to go with this dish.

Rabbit porchetta, lobster cream, potato pavé, mustard jus
Rabbit is deboned, stuffed, and then wrapped in prosciutto. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy in the middle. We slice the rabbit and serve it family style with mustard jus. The potato pavé is layered with lobster cream. It is portioned and served on the side for people to help themselves. We suggest the vegan brassica option to go with this dish.

Smoked pork ribs, jerked pineapple sauce, Jamaican pilaf, corn bread, creamy slaw
Our ribs are smoked for 4 hours and glazed. We then coat the ribs in a jerked pineapple sauce and serve with a Jamaican rice and bean pilaf. This dish comes with a creamy cole slaw, corn bread and we suggest our vegan corn option.

Pastrami, milk buns, mustard, pickles, and slaw
Brisket is brined for 72 hours, and coated in our pastrami rub. It is then smoked for 6 hours and finished in the oven with beer and onions. We set up a carving station for guests to build their own sandwich. This dish is served with pickled slaw and German potato salad. Try our vegan cauliflower option.

Vegan options to go with hot kitchen. Please choose one item from below

Herb purée, savoury granola, sultanas

Charred gourds
Za’atar, chimichurri, taheena, nut brittle.

Ontario sweet corn
Old bay seasoning, coconut oil and fresh herbs

Roasted red pepper, hazelnuts, garlic, sherry



The price of our menu does not include a buyout of the bar. Please be sure to inform us of any food allergies in advance.